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Who we are

A vibrant London-based consumer and B2B public relations agency, Colour PR creates powerful and imaginative communications campaigns in the UK and internationally. 

We represent companies, organisations and individuals in the arts, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, heritage, education and health sectors.

Our mission is to use the power of PR to make a real difference and inspire, whether it's to raise awareness of important issues, spark meaningful conversations or champion creative projects.

What we do

We provide PR consultancy, media relations & publicity, social media & influencer strategy, and content creation services.

Our creative campaigns - devised and delivered first-hand by our experienced directors - are designed to support your objectives, attract and engage with key audiences and create a positive impact.


The agency also has specialist expertise in delivering sensitive, mission-driven PR campaigns that promote diversity and inclusivity and give voice to underrepresented communities.

We believe everyone has a story. Tell yours with Colour

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