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News: Ask Me His Name


What happens when having a baby isn’t the journey we expect? Like many young couples, Elle Wright and her husband Nico were overjoyed when they found out Elle was pregnant. Her pregnancy was easy, even enjoyable, and with normal scans there was no cause for concern. Following a natural labour, Elle’s beautiful baby boy, Teddy, was born on 16th May 2016.  But the happiest day of Elle and Nico’s life turned into a surreal nightmare. After resuscitating Teddy and placing him in intensive care, hospital staff, with tears in their eyes, told them there was nothing they could do for their son. Teddy’s life lasted only three days.

In this brave, moving and truly inspiring book, Elle shows what happens when becoming a parent isn’t the journey we want or expect. Part-memoir, part help guide, this unique book brings an important topic into the open and shows how Elle has found meaning again, when she never thought she could.

Ask Me His Name: Learning to live and laugh again after the loss of my baby:  A Mother’s Story of Hope by Elle Wright is out now, published by Lagom in hardback.


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