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Charity Shop Sue shares her tips for success in new audio original

Viral comedy sensation, Sue Tuke (AKA Charity Shop Sue) sits behind the till at her famous charity shop Sec*Hand Chances
Credit: Tom Morley

“Ey Up Chazzers! As the world’s best manager, I’ve long been begged to share my business secrets!  Well… the time has come! My life-changing audiobook is a buffet of knowledge for your ears. Immerse yourself in my world, and in each chapter, you’ll hear my personal stories, real-life drama from the shop floor, and exercises to help you succeed…. With me as your guide you will become your own hero. There is no one in this current world who wouldn’t benefit from listening to this” Sue Tuke

Viral comedy sensation ‘Charity Shop Sue’ first took the internet by storm in 2019, when her hit YouTube series blasted away the cobwebs of British comedy and put fictional Nottinghamshire-based charity shop Sec*Hand Chances on the map. Sue Tuke’s hilarious shop floor antics, no-nonsense approach to management and awkward treatment of colleagues and customers made her an instant fan favourite and overnight cult hero. She even graced our TV sets with special appearances on Strictly Come DancingRuPaul’s Drag Race and the Eurovision Song Contest. But now Sue has got her sights on even bigger dreams – as a published management guru!

Charity Shop Sue’s Tools for Management and Success is the business book the world has been waiting for, but just hadn’t realised it yet. An immersive, multi-cast audio experience like no other, join Sue live on location at Sec*hand Chances as she guides listeners on an uproarious rollercoaster of superstar management tips and pearls of workplace wisdom.

Charity Shop Sue's Tools for Management and Success, is a new audiobook original production, published by W.F. Howes

Having built up her business to become one of the best shops in Bulwell, Sue is finally sharing her knowledge and managerial acumen with the world, including her insights on how to dress for success, motivate difficult staff, break up fights at work and take other people’s ideas (and make them better). A witty parody of the management and self-help publishing trends, this audiobook will be a sure-fire hit among Charity Shop Sue’s adoring fans, while also introducing the character and her world to new audiences and comedy enthusiasts.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular cult names in contemporary comedy, not to mention an LGBTQIA+ icon, Sue Tuke (perfectly brought to life by actor Selina Mosinski) has been delighting her engaged following with hysterical scenes from her life and career in brilliant videos that harness the power of social media. 


What’s more, the Charity Shop Sue concept is trail-blazing a new path for independent, Queer-written comedy that surpasses many more traditional comedy formats with its staggering popularity, especially amongst Gen Z. The ingenuous creation of the Dead Sweet writing trio, Charity Shop Sue has engaged and inspired audiences who often feel unrepresented in mainstream entertainment, while creating a powerfully alternative model for comedy content online. 


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