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News: High-Rise Mystery


“If you think finding a body is a fun adventure, you’re 33% right”

An estate in South-East London is gripped by a suffocating heatwave. Two smart and street-wise sisters are about to make a chilling discovery. They test one hypothesis after another, updating their ‘to-do’ list, keeping this sleuthing duo one step ahead, just as evidence points to a chief suspect – one uncomfortably close to home.

Can they solve the mystery using their fool-proof ‘Triangle of Truth’? Funny and fast-thinking heroines Nik, 11, and Norva, 13, show that a cool head and warm heart can make anything possible.

The UK’s first detective series to feature young black detectives, this gripping, fast-paced and brilliantly original novel brings the murder mystery up to date and breathes fresh life and relevance into the classic genre.

Breaking the mould to be one of the only children’s novels to redress the absence of black central characters in children’s books and literature as a whole, High-Rise Mystery will engage new readers and audiences and makes strides towards a more inclusive and relevant form of literature for young readers.

Sharna Jackson is an exciting debut writer who encourages children to discover and enjoy arts and culture, and show them that they can participate, and it's for them, too. She hopes Nik and Norva encourage a new generation of readers to love crime - reading about it, that is.

High-Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson is out now, published by Knights Of in paperback, £6.99


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