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Leading the debate on the workforce crisis in healthcare

Human by Dr Mark Britnell

Mark Britnell gives a talk at Hay Festival as part of his book tour for Human

KPMG’s Global Chairman for Healthcare, Dr Mark Britnell, is one of the foremost global experts on healthcare. His much-anticipated second book Human: Solving the Global Workforce Crisis in Healthcare (Oxford University Press) was the first to offer comprehensive solutions to the global workforce crisis in healthcare.

We delivered an international PR and events campaign as part of the world book tour across seven countries – UK, Australia, US, Canada, India, Japan and Germany. Mark’s research, solutions and first hand-experiences of healthcare systems around the world were central to our approach, helping to generate over 50 pieces of coverage.

In the UK, interviews and op-eds were featured in The Sunday Times, the Guardian, Huffington Post, and the Economist podcast, while leading trade publications including the British Medical Journal, Health Service Journal, Nursing Times and Healthcare Business International also featured news stories, op eds interviews and book reviews. Further afield, coverage ran in ABC radio and the Mandarin (Australia), Economic Times and the Hindu (India), Shingetsu News Agency (Japan) and the Globe and Mail (Canada), among others.

Our campaign included a series of well-attended events at the London School of Economics, The George Institute for Global Health and the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), engaging with students, academics, healthcare workers and policymakers. The book became one of the top-selling titles in the healthcare industry and has been critically acclaimed by many leading industry figures.


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