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Netflix star to host audio original "You Are Accused"

Raphael Rowe in the studio voicing his new audiobook original "You Are Accused" published by W.F. Howes

W.F. Howes has joined forces with the host of Netflix’s Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, Raphael Rowe, to publish a new WFH Original production You Are Accused. It will be voiced by the author and published on 10 August exclusively in audiobook format.

Featuring first-hand accounts from those around the world who have been through the transformative experience of accusation, Rowe analyses the devastating impact that being accused of a crime can have on the lives, reputations, and futures of subjects and those closest to them.

Lifting the lid on some of the most infamous cases from the UK, US, and beyond, Rowe discusses trial-by-media with exoneree Amanda Knox, who was accused of her murdering fellow exchange student, and the impact an accusation can have on family members with Cassie Parris, the daughter of “Cardiff Three” convict Tony Paris. Rowe also explores the traumas of facing an accusation abroad with American basketball player Jeff Harper and, closer to home, examines the UK Post Office scandal with former sub-postmistress, Jo Hamilton.

Having himself been accused and falsely convicted for a murder he did not commit, Rowe also reflects on his own personal experiences as part of the thought-provoking exposé, while confronting listeners with the ultimate question—how would you cope if you were accused of a crime?

Rowe said: “Speaking to these fascinating people and hearing their chilling experiences first-hand has been a real eye opener. Most people have no idea what it is like to be accused of a serious crime, nor can they imagine the ripple effects an accusation can have on them, and those around them, for the rest of their lives. I wanted to examine this area in depth and really shine a spotlight on the wider, psychological implications and legacies of accusations, and I’m really excited to see how listeners respond.”

Laura Smith, Acquisitions Manager at W.F. Howes added: You Are Accused is a compelling piece of investigative journalism that delves into this under-explored subject like never before. Giving listeners access to the real stories behind the headlines shows that the shocking consequences of an accusation can often last a lifetime, for both the accused and their loved ones.”

Smith continued: “Having published Raphael’s bestselling autobiography Notorious, which recently won Best True Crime Audio Book of the Year, we are delighted to get back in the studio with him once again. His natural talent for storytelling, combined with his uniquely empathetic, intimate, and sensitive interviewing style, provide the perfect formula for an audio original that really pushes the boundaries of the genre and creates a stir among listeners.”


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