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Sparking a discussion on the childhood crisis 

The British Betrayal of Childhood by Sir Al Aynsley-Green

Former Children's Commissioner for England, Sir Al Aynsley-Green, is the author of 'The British Betrayal of Childhood' (Routledge). With 40 years of experience working with governments and organisations worldwide, his book is an influential and insightful account, designed to confront uncomfortable truths and bring about change.

Our campaign asked the question 'why are so many children being let down in Britain?', powerfully placing Al's top messages at the heart of the news agenda. The Guardian reported that 'Britain has created a crisis in childhood' according to Sir Al, while the Daily Mirror led with 'Scandinavians ask why we English hate our children'.

Sir Al's views challenging the status quo were further reflected through various op eds placed in The Conversation, HuffPo, Yahoo News, SecEd and Open Democracy.

The publicity campaign was instrumental in communicating Sir Al's ideas, reaching widespread audiences, provoking debate and supporting his quest for change.


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