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Spotlight: Kevin Herlihy

Artists, dancers, authors, entrepreneurs and the people behind some of the brands we work with inspire us every day. Each month, Colour Spotlight puts one of our clients in the hot seat, asking them three questions that dig deeper into their careers, latest ventures and future plans.

This month is Plastic Free July - a global movement aimed at helping to reduce plastic pollution - so we wanted to meet an artist with a strong environmental message and mission. Today we speak to Kevin Herlihy, an artist from Wimbledon Art Studios, who creates stunning sculptures of wildlife from scrap and rubbish materials that he collects from London’s streets and river banks.

1. Kevin, why do you use recycled materials in your work and what do you hope to make people think or feel?

Kevin: In my artwork people will see sculptures of wildlife and at the same time see the detritus of modern human activity; our lifestyles reflected back. I want people to stop and think again about the things we discard, while marvelling at the magnificence of nature. I hope people also appreciate the patient observation and handiwork of the artist.

2. Why is re-using rubbish, junk and scrap materials for a new purpose important in modern London?

Kevin: As one of the world's great cities, London has enormous influence globally. Here the potential exists for a society to cultivate exciting, creative solutions to sustainable modern living. This should include valuing waste as a resource.

3. Do you think that the art world should do more to avoid waste when it comes to making artwork?

Kevin: More thought could be put into the disposal of waste products, such as thinners, cleaners, packaging etc. The production of canvas can be seriously harmful to the environment. Added value to artwork created sustainably could make it a more desirable product. I think the work of artists is vital in helping to foster sensitivity and contemplation. If art was more ubiquitous in society we might find ourselves in a better place.

To find out more about Kevin and his work click here.


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