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The Week in Colour 18.12.18

Re:Imagine | Enchanted Eltham Palace | Mince Pie IPA | Edward Burne-Jones | Happy Holidays...

In this, our last instalment of The Week in Colour for 2018, we check out orchestral renditions of platinum pop albums, a spectacular light show at a Tudor mansion and Victorian art at the Tate Britain, while sipping on a brew with a seasonal twist.


LISTEN: to Re:Imagine. Take in stunning live orchestral renditions of some of the best albums in modern musical history. Putting a classical spin on timeless classics from our favourite artists, Re: Imagine brings together vocalists and string and brass musicians to stage stunning live ensembles at XOYO in London. Taking place from this December with concerts up until March 2019, the impressive line up features bands, singers and rappers across a multitude of genres. It includes: Frank Ocean’s 2012 album Channel Orange, Drake’s 2011 release Take Care, Dr Dre’s 2001, The Greatest Hits by Daft Punk, Ready to Die from Notorious B.I.G., J Cole’s 2014 First Hills Drive, and Kanye West’s critically acclaimed 2004 release,The College Dropout. There will also be a special rendition of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill to mark the 20th Anniversary of the hugely popular record, and a one-off performance at the O2 Academy in Sheffield by a 10-piece brass band taking on Artic Monkey’s classics. With affordable tickets around £17 each and as big live music fans, this great concept is definitely high on the bucket list for us.

Enchanted Eltham Palace

VISIT:  Enchanted Eltham Palace. This stunning Tudor palace, which was transformed into an Art Deco mansion by eccentric millionaires and art collectors Stephen and Virginia Courtauld in the 1930s gets another staggering make-over this December with enchanted light displays, holographic projections and dramatic illuminations which also reflect the building’s amazing history. Using features such as the moat, fountains and the palace walls, colourful lights create a breath-taking festive experience. Guests can also explore the torch-lit gardens and pathways of fairy lights and feast on marshmallows and hot roast baps.

Enchanted Eltham is available to book for 20th-22nd December. For more information visit and follow @ElthamPalace on Twitter.

Mince Pie IPA

DRINK: Mince Pie IPA. Bar flies and fruit flies take note! You may have tried all the latest fruity beers but this new festive offering from Long Arm Pub and Brewery on Worship Street in Shoreditch takes it up a brewing notch. Gingerbread, mince pies, dried fruits and cinnamon are in the mix of this unique brew that gives mulled wine a run for its money ‘most festive beverage’. With an impressive range of craft beers, a sustainable ethos and fab cocktails (including the Shadow Wolf Espresso Martini) you can choose to stay awake or stay merry with this fantastic range of tasty tipples.

For menu, opening hours and more information visit: and follow @LongArmWorship on Twitter for updates.

Edward Burne-Jones

SEE: Edward Burne-Jones at Tate Britain. Is there anything wrong with a bit of artistic escapism? Well, if the grey reality of British wintertime is getting you down then why not take refuge in the gorgeous fantasies of a Victorian artist who created a world of ideal beauty in his paintings, tapestries and stained glass. Of course, this lush Pre-Raphaelite style is not for everyone, but Burne-Jones’s work is an undeniably fascinating insight into nineteenth century art – what it was trying to reach and what it was trying to escape from. This exhibition at the Tate is the first solo show since 1933 and brings together major works, including some of his most well-known and epic.

Edward Burne-Jones at Tate Britain runs until 24 February 2019. For more information go to and follow @Tate on Twitter.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: And last but not least, the team at Colour PR would like to wish all of our friends and followers a fun-filled holiday season and best wishes for the New Year!

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