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The Week in Colour 23.07.18

Hot, Brown Honey | The Post | Banksy | Brother Marcus | The Tip Off...

In this week's The Week in Colour, our regular what's on preview, we check out the hottest new theatre production at the South Bank, treat ourselves to some Banksy and a special screening of a Spielberg classic, discover the delectable delights of a new Greek restaurant and tip you off about a truly unique podcast.

Hot, Brown Honey

SEE: Hot, Brown Honey at the South Bank Centre. Now arriving in London, after causing a massive splash in Australia, this riotous and thought-provoking mash-up of music, dance and burlesque is set to be one of hottest summer tickets for live performance. Themed around a giant beehive, with a stunning variety of performances, from insane hula-hooping to biting satirical skits, the show pumps with energy, politics, humour and uncontainable fun. Billed as “Equal parts theatrical spectacular and social activism", Hot, Brown Honey is a posse of "phenomenal women smashing stereotypes” and it is raucous, ingenious and irreverent as well as completely and utterly exhilarating. Expect lots of loud music, audience participation and some pretty out-there costumes.

Hot, Brown Honey runs from 24 Jul 2018 - 28 Jul 2018 at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, with tickets between £22-28. For more information visit

The Post

WATCH: Steven Spielberg’s The Post at a one-off screening at Amnesty International’s Human Rights Action Centre this Thursday (26), and take part in a post screen discussion with special guests hosted by Frontline Club. A timely reminder about press freedom, democracy, whistle-blowing, government lies, The Post tells the story of the Washington Post’s decision to publish the Pentagon Papers. At the heart of this political drama are the stories of Katharine Graham (Meryl Streep), the first female publisher of the Washington Post who struggles to establish her self in a man’s world, and Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks), who plays her larger than life editor as they risk their careers to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets spanning three decades and four U.S presidents. Discuss the film with speakers including Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, president of The New York Times Company, Ghias Aljundi, an independent human rights consultant on the Middle East and North Africa, and Ellin Stein, a lecturer on screenwriting at Goldsmiths University. If that’s not enough, there’s also a delicious supper-club before the film hosted by Welcome Kitchen.

The Lazinc Gallery

VISIT: The Lazinc Gallery in Mayfair where an exhibition featuring the best of Banksy’s most iconic artworks is currently on show. Hosted by Steve Lazarides, Banky’s original gallerist and photographer, Banksy, Greatest Hits: 2002-2008, brings together stencilled canvases, unique paintings and limited edition prints from a number of high profile collections for the first time. While you’ll notice the instantly recognisable Girl And Balloon, the flower throwing demonstrator in Love is in the Air and the lily pond in Show Me The Monet, there will be a number of works on display which have not been previously been exhibited publicly. It’s a great chance to see the best of Banksy in a gallery setting under one roof, and if you’ve got the cash to splash, you can buy some of the prints too.

Banksy, Greatest Hits: 2002-2008' is at Lazinc Gallery until Aug 25 and is free to visit. Follow @Lazinc_ for updates on Twitter.

Brother Marcus

DINE: Brother Marcus, Angel. Now opening on a second site on Camden Passage, Angel, this Mediterranean-inspired restaurant brings together dishes influenced, in particular, by culinary Crete. Feast on fried feta with honey, sweet potato and courgette fritters and pan seared sardines on the family-inspired menu. With hearty vegetables at the centre of most dishes, it’s perfect for healthy low-carb, summer eating,  while many dishes are also suitable for vegetarians. Yet meat-lovers will also be excited by marinate lemon and oregano lamb chops, dusted with paprika and date-glazed pork belly while those with a sweet tooth should look out for honey bombs with cinnamon syrup and sesame. With traditional Greek inspiration and a slick, yet welcoming décor and first-class presentation of dishes, this is a new top spot for summer dining – especially for sharing dishes and light dining for hot summer evenings.

For reservations, menu and more information visit and follow @BrotherMarcus_ on Twitter.

The Tip Off

LISTEN: to The Tip Off. This weekly podcast sees investigative journalists reveal the leads, the dead ends and the tip offs that have led them to world-class stories in recent years. Hosted by Maeve McClenghan of London’s Bureau of Investigate Journalism, this unique podcast goes beyond the final article and behind the scenes of the news headlines to reveal the fun and complicated detective work that goes into an investigation. From paper trails and whistleblowers to wigs, car chases, bags stuffed with cash, slammed doors, terrorist cells, secret meetings and other wranglings, the action-packed episodes follow different cases every week. The latest features New Yorker Alexis Okeowo who reveals the stories of people affected by extremism in Africa. We love The Tip Off because its a much-needed testament to the power of real journalism in exposing wrong-doing, making a difference and serving public duty, especially in an era of fake news and clickbait.

Visit to listen to The Tip Off and follow @TipOffPodcast for updates on Twitter.

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