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The Week in Colour 24.09.18

Animals & Us | London Tattoo Convention | Explained | Small Fry | Table Manners...

Our what's on guide this week brings you stunning animal art, tattoos galore and an unmissable Netflix documentary, while exploring the life of Steve Jobs' estranged daughter and Jessie Ware's dinner table.

Animals and Us

SEE: Animals and Us. This week marks your last chance to catch Animals and Us at the fabulous Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate.  This major exhibition explores our relationship with animals and how different contemporary artists have articulated this relationship. From pets to animals threatened with extinction, this varied, thought-provoking and touching exhibition brings together different art works that celebrate, challenge or reinvent how we feel about certain creatures. Why, for example, do octopus caught in fishing nets often hold a stone from the bottom of the sea? Are birds nests, with all their woven intricacy, works of art in their own right? Can animals themselves be creative and how much do we know about what they feel? Stephanie Quayle’s clay portraits of chimps, in particular, are so full of personality and intelligence it’s hard not to feel a strong emotional response and the exhibition raises important questions about love and exploitation when it comes to humans and their fellow creatures.

Animals and Us at Turner Contemporary in Margate runs until Sunday 30th September. For more information visit: Follow @TCMargate on Twitter for updates.

London Tattoo Convention

VISIT: London Tattoo Convention. Whether you’re covered head to toe in ink, sport the odd tattoo, or are just curious about different forms of body art, this annual celebration of all things tattoo, now in its 14th year, hits town this week and promises to be bigger and better than ever before. For three fun-packed days, Tobacco Dock in East London will be brimming with art exhibitions, stage performances, and food and drink stands, as global superstar tattoo artists rub shoulders with enthusiasts from across the globe. It’s the perfect place to get inspiration for a tattoo, to arrange a dream appointment with a hotshot tattooist or just hang out and admire the inked masses. Such is the growing popularity of tattoos, there are now only limited tickets available, so be sure to snap yours up quickly!

The London Tattoo Convention takes place on 28-29-30 September 2018 at Tobacco Dock. For tickets and to find out more visit or follow @LondonTattooCon on Twitter.


WATCH: Explained. This YouTube-turned-Netflix series from Vox tackles big, complex, interesting questions about the world in around 20 minutes. From female orgasms, tattoos, monogamy to the gender pay gap, weed and astrology, the compact episodes explore the history, science and cultural evolution of a range of human-interest subjects. As well as being punchy, sharp, and loaded with facts, each episode has carefully been matched to a celebrity narrator armed with questions to offer a whole new dimension. Think Jerry Springer on political correctness, Kevin Smith on weed, and Kristen Bell on ‘can we live forever?’ A great introduction to some really gritty subjects, Explained is a slickly produced series definitely worth a watch if you’re short on time and big on thirst for knowledge.

Explained is out now on Netflix. 

READ: Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs. There are very few stones left unturned when it comes to the life and times of the world’s most written about entrepreneur. In numerous books, TV series and films, Apple founder Steve Jobs has been portrayed as both genius and monster, yet he probably wasn’t banking on his once estranged daughter, eldest child Lisa Brennan-Jobs, telling her very unique side of the story. Lisa was just three years old when Jobs and her mother went to court over his denial of paternity and refusal to pay child support. He would not feature again in her life until she turned eight when he started to show an interest in being her father. The book charts this strained, fractious and frustrating father-daughter relationship from her birth until his death in 2011. As far as autobiographies go, it’s not the most sensationalist (which is actually particularly refreshing) but her story is one tinged with sadness, awkwardness and discomfort, and the overall feeling that she could never quite ‘cut it’ in his eyes: “For him I was a blot on a spectacular ascent, as our story did not fit with the narrative of greatness and virtue he might have wanted for himself. My existence ruined his streak.”

Small Fry: a memoir by Lisa Brennan-Jobs is out now, published by Atlantic. Follow the author and publisher on Twitter @LisaBrennanJobs and @AtlanticBooks.

LISTEN: to Table Manners with Jessie Ware.  With a good measure of banter, bickering, swearing and over-sharing, this is the podcast that literally makes you feel like you are actually at the dinner table with Jessie Ware, her mum and your favourite celebrity. Celebrities from the world of music, culture and politics are invited for a good old natter and a chance to talk about food, family and anything in between. As well as enjoying the great dynamic between Jessie and her mum, the podcast allows listeners to get a glimpse into the real lives of celebrities when they are at their best – laid back, comfortable, and ready to over-share over some delicious food. Now in its the third series, it features the likes of Sam Smith, Paloma Faith, Ed Sheeran, Sadiq Khan, Michelle Keegan, and Alan Carr to name a few. The highly anticipated fourth season is expected to release soon with requests for guests including Nigella and Ellie Goulding. If you like Jessie Ware’s music, check out her podcast and you’ll probably like her even more.

Table Manners with Jessie Ware, Season 3, is out now on iTunes. Follow Jessie on Twitter at @JessieWare.

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