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Calling for change in how spelling is taught in schools

The Spelling Book by Jane Considine

Education expert Jane Considine signs copies of her new book The Spelling Book, which aims to transform the way spelling is taught in primary schools

Education expert Jane Considine’s new book blasts away the cobwebs of outdated spelling traditions and suggests a refreshing approach, which transforms the way it is taught in primary school classrooms.

Our PR campaign called on teachers to adopt new teaching strategies designed to instil a love of words and celebrate the magic of spelling. We developed data-based research to release compelling news stories that generated a much-needed debate around the future of teaching spelling.

We generated national and specialist media exposure with interviews in the Guardian, TES Magazine, Two Mr Ps in a Podcast and Education on Fire podcast and op-eds in Primary Matters and Education Today. The book went on to achieve a 3* Winner award in the English category in the prestigious Teach Primary Awards.


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