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Creating a national splash for artist's solo exhibition

Reboot by Shiv Grewal

Actor turned artist Shivinder Grewal creates striking futuristic digital artworks. But his story is much more colourful than that.

We worked closely with Shiv to launch his debut solo exhibition from branding the event and generating media exposure to attracting buyers, new audiences and future commissions.

Shiv's debut solo exhibition Reboot was bought to life, quite literally, through his incredible story which inspired the show’s ‘life beyond death’ concept. It stole the newspaper headlines, with the Daily Mirror reporting the ‘Man who died for seven minutes paints pictures of what he saw in 'afterlife' after coming back from the dead’, the Daily Mail asking ‘Is THIS what the afterlife looks like?’ and the Evening Standard revealing his future plans for a graphic novel.

We secured coverage in BBC Arts & Entertainment, BBC News 24 and BBC Breakfast on his important work on art therapy and rehabilitation in hospitals – a key message that was central to our campaign and Shiv’s inspiring story.

We look forward to his next exciting venture.


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