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Moving scenes: embarking on the first day of adult life

A first-year student arrives at her new student accommodation at true student in Liverpool
  • Across the UK thousands of students are unpacking boxes to start university life this month

  • true student welcomes record number of residents to its sites this year, with 1,000 in Liverpool alone; around half of whom are first year students

Unpacking, unboxing and starting a new adventure away from home, students from around the UK and beyond are saying goodbye to loved-ones and setting up a brand new life at university this September.

A first-year student moves into her new student accommodation at true student in Liverpool with the assistance of her family

Pictured here are scenes from true student in Liverpool, where 1,000 students arrived for ‘Moving Day’ weekend on 8 and 9 September. Around 500 freshers and their families unpacked overloaded family cars, juggled boxes, wrestled duvets, guitars and houseplants to create a new home away-from-home. For many, their first time away from family and old friends will be a rollercoaster of nerves and excitement, as they share tearful hugs with relatives and meet new neighbours and friends from the student community.

Fresher, Ava (pictured above left) from Stoke beamed as she unpacked her new bedroom; “I’m really excited to make new friends” she said. It was also Sienna from Crewe’s first day to move in (pictured above right) she said, “I’m a bit nervous but mostly excited to get to know everyone around me”. Meanwhile outside in the loading area was a hive of activity (pictured below) as students and families wheeled piles of possessions out of cars.

A first-year student arrives at his new student accommodation at true student in Liverpool

All-inclusive student accommodation brand, true student, has rolled out a number of initiatives designed to help alleviate the high levels of anxiety many students may experience when moving away from home - particularly around making new friends - a concern shared by 81 per cent of young people, according to its recent survey with over 2,000 15-22 year olds.

This includes 24/7 mental health support, and a nifty new app true student+, which enables residents to connect digitally with others living in their blocks before starting university. It also has a dedicated events programme to support meaningful socialising where students can bond through craft, pet therapy and ‘listening sessions’ that encourage opening up in a safe environment.

A first-year student settles into her new student accommodation at true student in Liverpool

true student, is expecting to welcome a record number of residents this year as demand around the UK continues to grow. Over 3,000 students will be moving into its seven sites across the UK; including 1,121 first year students.

Bricks Group and true student Marketing Director, Gary Wise, said: "With thousands of young individuals poised to embrace the exhilarating experience of university life this September, true student remains steadfast in addressing their social needs and cultivating a supportive environment."

true student Liverpool is one of the largest student accommodation sites in Merseyside and houses students from across the region’s universities and colleges, providing all-inclusive accommodation and a vibrant community.

All images © Mark Waugh


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