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Sharing an authentic version of black history

Black London by Avril Nanton and Jodie burton

Authors of Black London, Avril Nanton and Jodie Burton, smile as they launch their new book on Windrush Day

Black London is the first travel guidebook to black history in London, co-authored by Avril Nanton and Jodie Burton and released on Windrush Day (22 June 2021).

Our campaign was designed to generate discussion about the people, places and stories of black history that can be found on the rich and vibrant streets of London, but are lesser known, hidden away in academic books, and often overlooked by mainstream accounts.

We maximised on the growing global and national interest in black history following the Black Lives Matter movement with a powerful article in The i, which drew out the personal stories of the authors. We placed inspiring interviews in BBC, The Observer, Black Ballad and BBC Radio London, and secured vibrant image galleries and extracts in The Guardian, and Londonist.

We appealed to those from within the community who were keen to educate themselves, as well as book buyers outside the black community. Both thought-provoking and eye-opening, our publicity campaign was successful in getting the media to report an alternative, refreshing and often untold narrative of black history, beyond slavery and preceding Windrush.


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