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Mike Chadwick delivers highly motivational Audio Original


W.F. Howes has expanded its WFH Original imprint list with The Red On Revolution, an audiobook exclusive with renowned elite military and tactical fitness coach Mike Chadwick.

Widely accredited with singlehandedly revolutionising soldier training and the British Armed Forces’ century-old approach to physical development, former Paratrooper Coach Mike Chadwick now operates as the “Secret Coach”—the driving force in fitness behind hundreds of high-profile military personalities and elite sport stars.

In The Red on Revolution, slated for publication in June 2022, Coach Mike will reveal the secrets of the strongest and provide listeners with the key principles central to transforming how we should train to reach and surpass our physical goals. As a coach, Mike goes a step further to help you evaluate the obstacles to achieving your goals and your psychosocial factors. His coaching is not just for the military elite, it has cross-over appeal with the goal of helping everyone who is motivated to grow – ‘from the desert to the board room.’

The original audiobook will also feature Coach Mike’s fascinating personal story and practical step-by-step tactical guides to creating your own training programme, as well as helping you assess the obstacles you may have in achieving your goals and psychosocial factors. It will feature a powerful line-up of guest contributors with big names from the worlds of military, fitness and sport—such as special forces and leadership expert Ant Middleton; the current World’s Strongest Man and Europe’s Strongest Man the Stoltman Brothers; former Special Forces (SBS) and mental resilience coach Simon Jeffries; former SBS, explorer and entrepreneur Anthony ‘Staz’ Stazicker; the fittest female in the military Charlotte Spence; Paralympian and former paratrooper Scott Meenagh; leading nutritionist Dr Ash Cox; and UFC Heavyweight Tom Aspinall.

Coach Mike Chadwick said: “I have spent much of my career in the shadows, coaching at an elite level and helping individuals go far beyond what they thought was physically possible. In this original audiobook, I finally emerge from the shadows to provide listeners with all the physical, psychological, and psychosocial principles they need to transform how they train to reach and surpass their fitness goals. It will bust myths, challenge attitudes, and motivate all in one go. Furthermore, there will be a wealth of inspirational interviews with experts who have reached the top of their game. I am extremely proud to be working with the W.F. Howes team and expanding the reach of my coaching more than ever before with The Red On Revolution original audio.”

Dominic White, Publishing Director at W. F. Howes—who secured the audio exclusive rights directly from the author—commented: “Coach Mike Chadwick is one of the most prominent and important figures in the world of coaching and this audio original will undoubtedly have a hugely positive impact on listeners interested in improving their fitness and mindset. Fitness and Well-being is one of the most dynamic and popular audiobook categories, especially combined with the military elite, and we are convinced that the refreshing approach offered by Coach Mike in The Red On Revolution will prove to be a huge success.”


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