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The Week in Colour 18.06.18

London Nights | The Secret DJ | The World Cup | Akira | Infinity Blade...

Beers on boats, gaming on the tube, Japanese nosh and hedonistic reading, this week's epic edition of The Week in Colour is full of bright ideas for what to visit, read, watch, eat and play. See if you can do it all!

London Nights

VISIT: London Nights. If you’re a nocturnal animal who can’t get enough of London by night, this major new photography exhibition at the Museum of London will certainly feed your dark habit. With over 200 historic and contemporary works from around 50 different photographers, the exhibition captures the unique beating heart of the capital after dark, showing how the city’s character changes when the sun goes down. Split into three sections – London Illuminated, Dark Matters and Switch On…Switch Off – the show features images from prominent photographers such as Bill Brandt and Nick Turpin. The exhibition will open late on Fridays to get visitors into the real spirit of the night.

Visit for more information or follow @MuseumofLondon on Twitter for updates.

The Secret DJ

READ: The Secret DJ. Ever wonder what it’s like to travel to the world’s most exotic destinations, stay up all night partying and playing your favourite tunes to 10,000 euphoric clubbers as they stare up at you adoringly? Well, if that’s what you think the life of a DJ entails you might want to steer clear of this warts-and-all exposé into what really goes on in the lives of international superstar DJs. The glamour, the parties, the excess, the highs, and of course, the lows, this memoir from a globally-known DJ who has chosen to keep his identity secret, is a hedonistic romp through 30 years of club culture. The Secret DJ is brutally honest, uncompromising, self-deprecating and hilarious, and particularly poignant given the tragic passing of the young DJ Tim Bergling this year.

Check out The Secret DJ on Twitter @TheRealSecretDJ and follow the publisher Faber and Faber @Faberbooks.

The Bud Boat

WATCH: The World Cup in style. From beaches to beer boats, London offers some great spots to celebrate (and commiserate) this summer whether you’re a die-hard football fan or not. Vauxhall’s Street Food Garden is a global market with big screens, serving up cuisine from every World Cup nation with international entertainment to match. Live DJs will be spinning Samba and Latin beats on Brazil and Mexico match days, UK hip hop and grime after England’s games, and afro-beats when Nigeria plays. For a more chilled vibe, try Fulham’s pop up beach, Neverland, kitted out with white sand, day beds, beach huts, swings and palm trees, and of course big screens. If you’re after a good old beer, board The Bud Boat for a tenner. Yes, that’s a beer boat launched by Budweiser, so you can party on the Thames throughout the duration of the tournament.


DINE: at Akira, Japan House. The three-floor cultural centre for all things Japanese opens its doors this week, making London one of only three cities in the world to host a Japan House and the first in Europe. The main restaurant, Akira, is located on the first floor and offers an authentic Japanese dining experience based on the chef Shimizu Akira’s ‘trinity of cooking’ principles – food, tableware and presentation. The menu reflects Japan’s diverse food offering, using seasonal ingredients over roaring Robata (charcoal grill) flames, and the original cocktails are made with rare sake, yuzu and shiso. For a lighter option, check out The Stand on the ground floor, serving authentic drinks and snacks including Japanese teas and Nel Drip coffee.

Follow @japanhouseldn on Twitter for more.

Infinity Blade

PLAY: Infinity Blade Trilogy. The London Underground is the perfect place to indulge your inner video-game geek, and the variety and quality of iPhone games allows endless possibilities of secret small-screen adventures. The classic Infinity Blade Trilogy is the perfect escape for those seeking a quick thrill between tube stops. With stunningly detailed fantasy environments and a strange array of half-human opponents, you need to slash and dodge your way through a series of sword fights while taking time to check out the rather nice scenery. The attention to detail is seriously impressive; from the glints of sunlight on the camera to the satisfying sword slash effects. You do risk a little eye-strain trying to take it all in and your fingers may get a little achy from all the frantic slashing around, but then no one said being an infinity blade warrior was easy, did they?

The Infinity Blade Trilogy is available to download and play on all iOS devices – available from the Apple App Store.

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