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Eddie Hall releases The World’s Strongest Audiobook


CREDIT: Christopher Bailey

Eddie “The Beast” Hall was the 2017 winner of the World’s Strongest Man. He held the title of UK’s Strongest Man for six consecutive years and shattered the world deadlift record with a colossal 500 kg lift when everybody said it was impossible. “Impossible” is a recurring theme in Eddie's life - from the streets of Stoke-on-Trent to the pinnacle of Strongman - at every step on his journey he has taken on epic challenges and blasted through every obstacle in his way.

Narrated by Eddie in his distinctively unfiltered, uncompromising, and brutally honest style, The World’s Strongest Audiobook brings you into the heart of his training camp as he prepares for his greatest challenge yet – the heaviest boxing match in history against his arch nemesis, Hafthor Bjornsson.

We witness Eddie's two-year journey as he transforms his body and mind from strength athlete to titan weight boxer, as he reflects upon the lessons he's learned over the course of his life and draws on them to overcome each new setback, from injuries and illness to uncertainty and grief.

Eddie explains how the journey changed him in unvarnished interviews and post-fight reflections. In addition to training diaries, 10 rounds of mental preparation and documentary clips, listeners are also treated to exclusive podcast style interviews with iconic friends including Ross Edgley, James Haskell, Paddy McGuinness, his family and inner circle.

He said: I’ve been recording this audiobook for the past two years, capturing the blood, sweat and tears of the most challenging years in my life and it’s finally out! I’ve documented every step along the way, from my gruelling training regime and weight loss journey of losing 40kg, competing in the heaviest boxing match in history, being knocked for six by Covid, experiencing the worst injury of my life, and everything in between. It’s been emotional, fun, challenging and inspiring. I’m excited for you all to come on this journey with me, and pick up some of the tips and techniques I’ve learnt along the way whether its preparing for challenges or dealing with setbacks, there’s a life lesson for everyone.”

The World's Strongest Audiobook: Train Like a Spartan, Fight Like a Beast is written and narrated by Eddie "The Beast" Hall. It is out now as an audiobook exclusive, published by WFH Original (W.F. Howes)


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