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A Parent’s Guide to The Science of Learning


Why does my child forget what they have just learned? How many hours sleep should they get each night? How should I help (or not help) with homework? And how can I help them deal with social rejection and anxiety around social media? These are just some of the big parenting issues tackled in A Parent’s Guide to The Science of Learning, the new book from education experts Bradley Busch and Edward Watson.

Home schooling has put parents at the coalface of education like never before, and many are now keen to know how they can continue to offer the best support in their child’s ongoing schooling and development. Yet much of the scientific research containing game-changing new perspectives on how children learn is frustratingly hidden away in academic journals, out of the reach of ordinary parents.

A Parent’s Guide to The Science of Learning unpicks 77 of the most important and influential studies on learning for the very first time, stripping out the jargon, summarising the key findings and offering parents easily digestible tips, take-aways and strategies that can be put into practise in daily life.

Covering important areas such as memory, motivation and confidence, plus a range of surprising home habits that often have a dramatic impact on attainment in the classroom and beyond, this book makes complex research simple, accessible and practical, while equipping parents with vital psychological insights into common habits, attitudes and behaviour.

Following the critical success of The Science of Learning: 77 Studies Every Teacher Should Know, Bradley Busch and Edward Watson now aim to bring the benefits of research-informed habits to parents too, helping them to improve how children think, feel and behave at school while also supporting positive mindset, attitude and self-esteem in all areas of life.

The authors said: “Our new book aims to put powerful and accessible research into the hands of parents for the first time. It will help mums, dads and guardians understand how to support their child’s attainment at school and boost their confidence at large, with effective and practical research-informed insights.”

A Parent's Guide to The Science of Learning: 77 Studies That Every Parent Needs to Know By Bradley Busch and Edward Watson is out soon, published in paperback by Routledge, David Fulton


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