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Amplifying the voices of the Windrush generation

Voices of the Windrush Generation by journalist and broadcaster David Matthews

Image courtesy of Getty Images

The Windrush Scandal is one of the most damaging political scandals to rock Britain this century. With in-depth, first-hand accounts from some of the men, women and children of Windrush, Voices of the Windrush Generation (published by Bonnier Books) provides a vital platform to those whose voices have yet to be heard. Asking critical questions, Matthews’ myriad of intimate stories blows the lid off common-held stereotypes, while revealing the inspirational tales of zeal, resilience, resourcefulness and triumph over adversity that lie at the heart of Windrush.

Our campaign positioned the book as a timely celebration of black culture and history in Britain and a crucial reminder of the important role the Windrush has played in British society over the years, and it was received with widespread critical acclaim.

Matthews was interviewed by BBC News Online, LondonLive and TalkRadio, while op-eds ran in HuffPo and The Voice. Benardine Evaristo praised the book in an article in TLS and the Guardian featured it in its top 10 Windrush titles, while BuzzFeed included the book in its Black History Month round-up and Bustle flagged it as vital anti-racist reading. Further reviews ran in New Internationalist and Times Higher Education.


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