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Celebrating insects' vital role in the natural world

All Creatures Small and Great, an Audiobook Original by Dr George McGavin

Image courtesy of Lois Wendon

All Creatures Small and Great by the explorer, TV presenter and leading authority on biodiversity and entomology, Dr George McGavin, zooms in on nature’s smallest miracles and explores the wonders of insect life like never before, revealing why it’s time to start loving and understanding insects if we want to save ourselves.

As its first ever Audiobook Original, this title was a major departure for W.F. Howes and its new imprint WFH Original. But it was also a pioneering title in the audiobook category, due to its highly immersive features, such as 3D binaural soundscapes of insects, and its stellar cast of guests - including Sir David Attenborough – who joined George to discuss their love of insects. Our comprehensive PR campaign aimed to raise awareness of the audiobook and highlight the crucial role they play in the natural world, while making the most of George’s unrivalled expertise in the field.

We placed a full-page feature including George’s “Six-Legged National Treasures” map in the Sunday Express, while other full-page national profile interview features ran in the Sunday Mail and Scotland on Sunday. George penned an eye-opening double-page op-ed for Country Life on life without insects, and he appeared on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright show, BBC Radio Solent and the UK Wildlife podcast, all of which used clips from the audiobook to supplement their interviews. Furthermore, special marketing promotions were organised with the Royal Entomology Society and Dorset Wildlife Trust to drive further interest in the audiobook.

Overall, the campaign was a huge success, helping to raise awareness, drive sales and put the WFH Original imprint firmly on the map.


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