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Windrush inspired children's book unveiled by G.M. Linton

My Name is Sunshine Simpson by G.M. Linton is out on 11 May 2023, published in paperback by Usborne to coincide with Windrush 75th anniversary

Author G.M. Linton whose debut children's book My Name is Sunshine Simpson is out this May
Author G.M. Linton

Meet Sunshine Simpson - a 10 year old girl who loves nothing more than pursuing fun and adventure. But misadventures seem to have a habit of finding her.

With new friend Evie rapidly turning into a worst enemy, a disastrous home haircut, a French pen pal to impress and a stressful school showcase looming, the days seem to be getting more and more rainy for Sunshine.

Her beloved Grandad has always been her guiding light, but as he grows older and quieter she is forced to accept that their adventures may be coming to an end. His stories have always helped her in the past – but can she overcome the obstacles in her way and find the confidence to tell her story at the showcase?

Told with humour and charm through one young girl’s quest to find her voice, this uplifting story, which celebrates the Windrush legacy, explores themes of identity, community, belonging and self-belief.

G.M. Linton's debut children's book My Name is Sunshine Simpson is out in May 2023

Written by debut West Midlands based author. G.M. Linton, My Name is Sunshine Simpson is the first book in this heart-warming series, inspired by her own family and the stories of her parents, who arrived in Britain from Jamaica as part of the Windrush Generation in the 1950s. Through powerful and poignant inter-generational storytelling and childhood memories, G.M. Linton keeps the Windrush legacy alive, celebrating their rich and colourful stories of the past.

G.M. Linton said: “I was inspired by my parents to write this book. When I was younger, I wasn’t particularly curious about their heritage. Even though I enjoyed the Jamaican food, music and culture at home, I was young and English and had to balance this side of me too. The impact of the Windrush scandal gave me a new urgency to contemplate and complete this story. There is so much joy and celebration in the lives of this special generation of people – and they have given so much to the UK. I wanted to offer a narrative that showcased their brilliance – their sayings, their wisdom, their humour, their courage, their dignity – to younger generations, in celebration of the Windrush legacy. I’m incredibly proud that the book will publish in the 75th anniversary year of Windrush.”

With an underlying message of positivity and optimism, G.M. Linton wants her books to bring joy to children and help them celebrate their lives and where they come from.

Sunshine is a twenty-first-century Anne of Green Gables, perfect for lovers of Jacqueline Wilson with mainstream appeal, while also leading the way for greater cultural diversity in children’s books. The book includes a fun mini fact file about key historical and contemporary Black figures to inspire young readers.

Praise for My Name is Sunshine Simpson

“Sunshine lives up to her name - she's charming and hilarious.” Aisha Bushby, author of A Pocketful of Stars “This book made me LAUGH and how it made me CRY.” Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of How to Change the World “A book as warm and radiant as sunshine itself! I loved it.” Lisa Thompson, author of The Goldfish Boy “A huge, uplifting hug with a message that says: be yourself; be proud of who you are.” Jen Carney, author of The Accidental Diary of B.U.G


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