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News: “Candy Murray” opens Wimbledon Art Fair


Food artist Jacqui Kelly showcases her Candy Murray statue at the launch of Wimbledon Art Fair

A tasty statue of Andy Murray has been created with sweets to celebrate the opening of the 46th Wimbledon Art Fair (14-17 November), paying tribute to Wimbledon’s double champion.

Record-breaking food artist and cake-maker to the Queen, Jacqui Kelly, sculpted the piece – dubbed Candy Murray. The sculpture took four days to make and uses 672 Murray Mints. His head is sculpted from a light Genovese sponge filled with a celebratory taste of champagne cream and his body and tennis court are traditional Victoria sponge with a Strawberries and Cream filling. He will also have Drambuie cream truffle tennis balls.

Jacqui said: “As we are both Scottish, we needed a wee bit whiskey in there so I added the Drambuie balls! I got off to a flying start and the facial sculpt went really well but then these pesky little Murray Mints get everywhere and take forever! I am planning to do some candy making of my own and will produce a Wimbledon Art Studio version of the buttery mint for sale at the show as well.”

The sweet sculpture is a recreation of the iconic image of Murray winning his first Wimbledon title in 2013, when he became the first British male to win the championship in 77 years. It also follows his sensational comeback and win at the recent European Open, just days before his next match at the Davis Cup finals (18 Nov). 

Emily Robson, Studio Manager at Wimbledon Art Fair, said: “We wanted to celebrate the sweet success of the nation’s greatest tennis player of all time, and what better way than through art and food. We hope the sculpture will attract visitors from all over to learn more about Jacqui’s craft, and also to get a piece of Andy.” 

Live sculpting of Andy Murray’s much-loved dogs, Rusty and Maggie May wearing his Olympic medals, will be taking place in Jacqui’s edible art studio from 14 – 17 November, for people to watch, learn, and indulge.  

The sculpture follows news earlier this year that The All England Club intend to honour Andy Murray with a permanent statue when he retires, but for the meantime residents can see their hero recreated in this tasty tribute. 

For a piece of the champion, head down to Wimbledon Art Fair where Jacqui will be serving up slices. 


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