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Raphael Rowe takes top prize at True Crime Awards

Raphael Rowe hold his prize at the True Crime Awards having won the Best Audiobook prize at the London ceremony

Notorious, the hard-hitting, bestselling autobiography of renowned investigative journalist and prisons guru Raphael Rowe picked up the Best True Crime Audiobook award at the inaugural True Crime Awards 2023 in London.

Raphael Rowe spent 12 years serving a prison sentence for crimes he did not commit. Upon his release, he embarked on a brave mission to expose injustice, cruelty, and racism within justice and prison systems all over the world. His hit Netflix series Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons has seen him travel the globe, visiting the most terrifying prisons and interviewing the most dangerous criminals, as well as guards, prisoners’ families, and politicians.

Told in the author’s own voice, with gripping long-form narration, Notorious reveals Rowe’s improbable personal journey with brutal honesty, delving into the dramatic highs and lows of his life behind bars in astonishing detail, while also focusing on the life and career he managed to build for himself once his sentence was served.

The audiobook was one of the stand-out successes for W.F. Howes in 2022 and has led to the publisher and Rowe collaborating on a forthcoming WFH Original audiobook.

Dominic White, Publishing Director at W.F. Howes, commented: “Many people are familiar with Raphael and his fearless work exposing the injustices and prejudices in prison systems around the world, but until Notorious his inspirational personal story had been largely untold. This audio memoir is one of the most compelling and deeply touching we have ever published, especially as it’s told in Raphael’s authentic voice, so I am extremely pleased it has received the recognition it deserves at the True Crime Awards. I’d like to congratulate Raphael, who is an absolute pleasure to work with, and the whole team at W.F. Howes who worked hard to bring Notorious to life.”

Notorious: Life with No Parole for a Crime I Did Not Commit, written and voiced by Raphael Row, was published in audiobook by W.F. Howes on 3 February 2022. Available via Audible,, Apple, Google Play and Kobo.


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