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Showcasing the spirit and heart of the North East

David Coser's 'The Journey' capturing two friends looking out to sea in Hartlepool
David Coser's 'The Journey', one of the 2022 shortlisted photos

The Northern Photography Prize

Since its inauguration in 2020, Colour PR has been working with bestselling author LJ Ross to launch a photography prize designed to capture the spirit and heart of the North East of England through its people and places.

The Northern Photography Prize, which now receives hundreds of submissions each year, consists of awards for landscape and portrait photography and encourages both budding and established amateur photographers to participate. Our PR campaign was designed to celebrate the essence of the North East, showcase the wealth of creative talent in the region and firmly establish the prize as a fixture in the region’s creative arts calendar.

While securing frequent and regular press coverage in regional and photography media for the prize, our campaign has also captured imaginations on a national level, delivering stunning photography spreads on the BBC Online and in the Daily Telegraph.


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