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Tales of Everyday Kindness


  • Everyday Kindness: A collection of uplifting tales to brighten your day

  • Bestselling authors come together to celebrate the power of kindness

  • All proceeds will be donated to Shelter

Bringing together over 50 emerging, established, award-winning and international bestselling writers from a range of backgrounds and genres across the literary spectrum, this heart-warming anthology celebrates small acts of everyday kindness through a selection of moving fictional short stories to showcase community spirit and goodwill.

Including Sunday Times bestselling authors CL Taylor, Sophie Hannah and Adam Hamdy, the anthology is designed to be read throughout the year to promote well-being and inspire positivity in challenging times. Often exploring unexpected friendships, chance meetings and unforeseen circumstances that spark the better side of human nature, each short story reveals a different way a big-hearted action can break down the barriers of isolation, loss and sadness to create a better future.

Stories include CL Taylor’s Imagination Avenue, where an entire street of adults start playing games like children, Darren O'Sullivan’s The Big Burn Book, about a woman who inspires a group of elderly people to break out of their care home for a night of adventures, Rachel Sargeant’s One Morning in the life of Hassan D, in which a refugee finally has a chance of moving on, and Jean Gill’s The Big Issue, in which a young boy looks after a homeless man’s dog. From supermarkets to care homes, people of all ages and from all walks of life find their future is made a little brighter as each writer brings their unique voice and interpretation to the subject of kindness.

Edited by internationally bestselling author LJ Ross, the anthology came about from the author’s desire to combine the skills of those in the wider writing community to promote positivity and raise funds for Shelter, a vital charity that works to prevent homelessness and bad housing across the UK.

LJ Ross said: “The Covid-19 crisis has had a devastating impact on so many communities and individuals around the world, none more so than those who were already amongst the most vulnerable in our society. We felt there was no better time to support Shelter’s vital work and we hope our anthology will inspire readers to feel uplifted by the myriad of ways that compassion can appear in everyday life. We would also like to express our gratitude to all those who contributed to this endeavour.”

Max Newton, Head of Community Fundraising, Shelter, commented: "The Covid-19 outbreak has been devastating and unpredictable, causing the loss of freedom, friends and family. At the same time, we have seen communities come together to support each other with kindness, love and generosity. This collection of short stories hopes to continue this and brighten your day."

Authors include: LJ Ross, Adam Hamdy, Alex Smith, , Alison Stockham, Anne O’Leary, Barbara Copperthwaite, JD Kirk, CL Taylor, Caroline Mitchell, Chris McDonald, CK McDonnell, Claire Sheehy, Clare Flynn, Darren O’Sullivan, David Leadbeater, Debbie Young, Deborah Carr, Emma Robinson, Graham Brack, Hannah Lynn, Heather Martin, Holly Martin, Ian Sainsbury, Imogen Clark, James Gilbert, Jane Corry, Jean Gill, JJ Marsh, Judith O’Reilly, Kelly Clayton, Kim Nash, Liz Fenwick, Louise Beech, Louise Jensen, Louise Mumford, Malcolm Hollingdrake, Marcia Woolf, Mark Stay, Marcie Steele, Natasha Bache, Nick Jackson, Nick Quantrill, Nicky Black, Patricia Gibney, Rachel Sargeant, Rob Parker, Rob Scragg, SE Lynes, Shelley Day, Casey Kelleher, Sophie Hannah, Leah Mercer, Victoria Connelly, Victoria Cooke and Will Dean.

Everyday Kindness: A collection of uplifting tales to brighten your day is out on World Kindness Day, 13 November 2021, edited by LJ Ross and published by Dark Skies Publishing. It will be available in hardback (£12.99) and e-book (£2.99).


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