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The Positively Awesome Journal


Credit: Zoe Parnham Photography

Illustrator and self-care influencer Stacie Swift has connected with over a quarter of a million followers around the world through her feel-good Instagram posts. Now, she hopes to inspire people to get creative, stay positive and start journaling with the release of The Positively Awesome Journal.

With artwork that makes you smile and colours that lift your mood, this stunning paperback journal invites you to start your very own journaling journey in style. Be guided by the self-care tips and activities, empowered by the affirmations and inspired by the illustrations that offer a daily dose of encouragement and positivity, reminding you of how awesome you are.

Designed to promote and encourage mental well-being, it is the perfect pick-me-up to help keep you uplifted, motivated and understood. You can finally write that ‘not-to-do’ list, prioritise your tasks, learn how to set social media boundaries, make your own luck, complete a feeling forecast, create a dream log, fill out a meal plan, give thanks, celebrate your progress and find plenty of room for self-reflection - all in one safe place.

Bringing Stacie’s refreshingly honest and down-to-earth attitude to positivity, self-care and mental well-being to the page, the journal is inspired by her own experience of using art to communicate her thoughts and feelings. It follows the success of her hugely popular book You Are Positively Awesome, released last year.

A practical way to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, The Positively Awesome Journal is a great gift to yourself and is also a thoughtful way to remind someone in your life just how awesome they are too. So, if you need a self-care boost or want to help someone get their sparkle back, you’ll be sure to find it all in the pages of this bright and beautiful journal.

The Positively Awesome Journal: Everyday encouragement for self-care and mental wellbeing by Stacie Swift is out on 8 July 2021, published in paperback by Pavilion Books. £11.99.

About Stacie Swift

Stacie is an illustrator and mum of three young children. She juggles the demands of freelance work and family while aiming to be the positive voice you need to keep going when things feel overwhelming. Like everyone, Stacie does her best to manage life’s big and small struggles every day. She draws about them, writes about them and shares the words of encouragement she and others need to hear. Her Instagram account @StacieSwift is hugely popular, and her following.


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