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News: The Science of Learning


77 Studies That Every Teacher Needs to Know

“There is currently an enormous gap between important research on how students learn and what’s actually happening in classrooms. Our book aims to be an easy-to-read bridge between what top researchers have found helps children actually learn and what teachers can apply, in practical terms, to their lessons” Bradley Busch and Edward Watson.

The Science of Learning is a much-needed resource for primary and secondary teachers to help their students improve how they think, feel and behave at school. Meeting the growing demand and interest from teachers for evidence-based practice, this book allows teachers, across all subjects, to help children learn – through scientifically tested techniques. Focusing on six key categories (Memory, Motivation, Self-regulation and Metacognition, Teacher Attitude, Student Behaviours and Thinking Biases), the studies in this book have been brought together in a widely accessible format for the first time to empower teachers with the best research to support their work.

The Science of Learning has been described by John Hattie as his “book of the decade” and “an absolute must for every school” by Professor Dame Alison Peacock. Dylan Wiliam says “this is the book I have been waiting for” and Jonnie Noakes, head of teaching and learning at Eton College says “every teacher should be given a copy”.

  • Authors and InnerDrive founders Bradley and Edward have worked with over 300 schools, Premier League footballers and members of Team GB on how to improve motivation, learning and performance.

  • Their work is based on research in both sport and educational psychology. From surprising findings that will overturn commonly held assumptions about education to well illustrated evidence, this book will help teachers support students in new and effective ways. The 77 studies that have been selected from thousands of academic research papers will allow teachers to easily access the most important findings to date.

  • Encompassing topics such as the most effective ways to study and revise, the impact of mobile phones, the cost of listening to music when studying, the importance of sleep and how to motivate bored students, the emphasis of this book is not on what to teach and learn but how.

  • Presented with unique, engaging and fun graphics for each study, complicated research is made easy to grasp and navigate ‘at a glance’.

  • The Science of Learning is also vital reading for any parent wishing to support a child with exam revision, stress management and confidence.

The Science of Learning by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson is out now in paperback, published by Routledge, David Fulton Press, £18.99


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