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The Week in Colour 04.06.18

Howard Hodgkin | Life Advice | The Bun House | Free Seats for All | Love Island...

Every week we round up our top picks of the week from the latest food haunts and must-watch releases to our favourite podcasts, unmissable art exhibitions, and page-turning books. Our weekly previews are loaded with bright ideas for the week ahead.

Howard Hodgkin

VISIT: Howard Hodgkin, Last Paintings @ Gagosian Gallery. Splash some colour into your week at this vibrant and expressive exhibition of the last paintings of contemporary abstract British painter, Howard Hodgkin. Including the paintings he completed in India shortly before his death in May last year, the exhibition brings many works to public display for the first time. Using brushstrokes as expressive and life-affirming bursts, these uplifting artworks are full of energy and movement. Choosing to paint on wood panels, instead of canvas, Hodgkin explores surface textures, often with a bold gesture of paint across the grain of the board. He once observed that people “are afraid of pictures which have visible emotions in them” and his lush, colourful strokes are full of life and feeling. Whether you like abstract painting or not, there is something touching and joyful about the final paintings in the long career of this British art legend.

Gagosian Gallery, 20 Grosvenor Hill, London. For gallery visiting times go to Follow @GagosianLondon on Twitter.

Life Advice

LISTEN: to Grazia’s new Life Advice podcast offering some sound wisdom from inspirational women from different walks of life. Working from the principle that we are often bombarded with too much unreliable advice from too many different sources, the podcast interviews women with authority and insight and asks them to share the six best pieces of advice they were ever given (and one worst piece) based on their personal experience. A chance to hear first-hand stories and secrets from top DJs, authors, actresses and models from Maya Jama to Dolly Alderton, this refreshing new podcast from Grazia offers a good dose of girl power and a much-needed breath of fresh air to help take decisions based on what other successful women have experienced themselves. Go Primark for sponsoring it! We’re super excited to tune in every Tuesday starting this week.

Follow @graziauk for updates.

The Bun House

DINE: The Bun House, Soho. Offering a trio of dining options, The Bun House is essentially three exciting eating choices in one. A cosy café, late-night drinking den and street food options are all on offer, but the food is equally inviting across all three. Serving up steaming, fluffy Cantonese-style buns in traditional wicker baskets and stuffed with all manner of sweet and savoury fillings, this is a haven for Chinese food lovers, night owls and Soho passers-by needing to grab a bite on-the-go. With a menu including lotus root crisp, chilli tripe and chicken heart skewers plus, of course, buns of every variety (at £2.50 each), stamped with the traditional red lettering, this is an authentic and intriguing new culinary hot spot for safe and adventurous foodies alike.

Visit for menus and more. Follow @8unhouse on Twitter.

Free Seats for All

READ: Free Seats For All: The boom in church building after Waterloo by Gill Hedley. How many times have you been crossing a London street and accidentally looked up to see a looming, slightly dizzying church spire above you, without really noticing it? These buildings are now such a familiar part of our city landscapes we sometimes see them without really ‘looking’ at them. Yet it’s worth focusing, as many of these buildings have a fascinating history and uncertain future. Free Seats For All is an unusual book that delves into the stories behind some of the most imposing and impressive church buildings in England and Wales - why they were constructed and how they were funded. Marking the 200 year anniversary of the funding scheme that allowed many new churches to be built and restored, this book reveals how war, money and big personalities brought these amazing landmarks to our towns and cities.

To buy a copy of Free Seats For All or to support the preservation of church architecture visit Follow @NatChurchTrust on Twitter.

Love Island

WATCH: Love Island 2018. Love it, hate it but you can’t ignore it this summer. This reality TV phenomenon returns to ITV2 this week with a new group of feisty twenty-something singletons looking for romance, bromance and a large dose of drama. The jury is out on whether this year’s line up will beat the big personalities, good looks and feisty feuds that had so many of us hooked last year. It seems like they’ve got the formula right with another unknown boyband member, an attention-seeking West End musical performer and a bunch of others whose predominant claim to fame is on Instagram. Let’s hope Danny Dyer’s daughter, also called Dani Dyer, survives longer than her one episode on Survival of the Fittest. With a few villains, heartbreakers and hopeless romantics thrown into the heady love-mix, this year the villa promises even more addictive ‘guilty secret’ viewing than ever before.

If you’re late to the party, now is the time to start following @loveisland. The new series kicks off on Monday June 4th, 9pm, ITV2.

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