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The Week in Colour 10.09.18

Colourscape | Spoken Worlds | Press | Moneyland | Brigadiers...

This week our cultural digest features a music festival with a difference, podcasts in the flesh, the Beeb's spanking new journalistic drama, a book exposing how the superrich got rich and a new restaurant which is spicing up the city.

Colourscape Music Festival

VISIT: Colourscape Music Festival. A huge inflatable walk-in structure of interlinked colourful tunnels, Colourscape Music Festival brings a stunning explosion of light, music and performance to Clapham Common until 23 September. Originally created by artist Peter Jones in the early 70’s, these enormous maze-like labyrinths of colour are designed to celebrate the senses, offering a psychedelic, trippy, bizzare, fun and magical experience all rolled into one. Billed as ‘Europe’s most unusual festival’, this week-long bonanza features a line-up of offbeat concerts, musical workshops and performing artists. Our top pick is the How Far Away is a Rainbow? event, bringing together a live storyteller, ‘mythical bird’ dancer and musicians to explore the connections between colour, sound, science and space. It is so bonkers, and that’s why we love it.

Colourscape Music Festival runs from 15-23 September. Visit for more information and use #colourscape to share your snaps on Twitter and Instagram.

Spoken Worlds Festival

LISTEN: to Spoken Worlds Festival. Podcasts are frequently enjoyed on the daily commute, while busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, getting through the week’s ironing, or while dozing off to sleep at night. Over the years podcasts have been steadily attracting communities and fans, with many hosts achieving cult hero or even celebrity status. But wouldn’t it be great if this powerful medium was somehow brought to life in the real world and we got to see these modern day heroes in action, in the flesh, surrounded by our fellow pod-groupies? Well now we can, thanks to the geniuses behind the Spoken Worlds Festival. Throughout September and spread across central London over four evenings, the festival brings some of the most widely listened to podcasts to life with live versions of the popular shows delivered to a captive audience. Kicking off this week with Jon Ronson’s The Butterfly Effect at The Box in Soho and closing with Ruby Wax’s No Brainer at the Wellcome Collection, the festival also features the second of Audible’s West Cork series, brining fans ever closer to the stories behind one of the biggest crime podcasts of 2018.

The Spoken Worlds Festival runs from 12 September until 2 October. For more information on the events and how to purchase tickets visit


WATCH: Press. The BBC series following the newsroom drama of a left-leading broadsheet and a populist tabloid, as their reporters go head-to-head to find the biggest scoops and tell the best stories. Ben Chaplin who plays Duncan Allen, the editor of The Post is obsessed with outrageous and sensationalist storytelling that sells, while Charlotte Riley plays Deputy News Editor, Holly Evans, the central character at the Herald, described by their rivals as having ‘all principles and no trousers.’ In the first episode, we follow a political scandal, a suicide of a gay teenager, and a police hit and run but which stories make the front page and are they enough? The fast-paced drama continues this Thursday as the personal lives of the characters become increasingly intertwined with their constant professional dramas.

Press is a six part series on BBC One, every Thursday at 9pm.


READ: Moneyland by Oliver Bullough. The “one per cent” is often a term that gets bandied about when we’re describing the small sector of society which controls the vast majority of the globe’s wealth. Yet the lives of the super-rich predominantly remain a mystery to most of us, and very little is known, or publicised, about the lengths this elite group will go to in order to accumulate, preserve, protect and capitalise on their vast reserves. Oliver Bullough’s latest book blows this murky world of tax havens, shell companies, legal loopholes and illicit financial networks wide open, exposing the lengths the mega rich will often go to in an effort to build their empires, stopping at nothing to maintain the status quo. Written in a highly accessible and entertaining style, Bullough gives readers unparalleled access to tax havens while also revealing some of the frankly bizarre incidences of tax avoidance and corruption taking place on our very doorstep in London.

Moneyland: Why Thieves and Crooks Now Rule the World and How to Take It Back by Oliver Bullough is out now, published by Profile Books. Follow the author on Twitter @OliverBullough and the publisher @ProfileBooks.


DINE: Brigadiers. An Indian barbecue, sports bar, and beer tavern located in Bloomberg arcade, Brigadiers from the team behind Trishna, Gymkhana, and Hoppers is one of the latest outfits to spice up the city streets of Bank. With seven rooms, two bars, a pool room, screens showing live sports matches and a menu of sizzling barbecue dishes, the 140 cover restaurant offers a ‘quintessentially Indian club culture’ where city workers can get kick back, eat, drink and play. The food offering focuses on different methods of Indian barbecue, using tandoors, charcoal grills, rotisseries, wood ovens and classic Indian smokers. Stand out dishes on the menu  include crab seekh kebabs, dry tandoori masala beef rib eye steak, wood roasted curry lead masala turbot, samphire thoran and dumb beef shin and bonemarrow biryani.

Check out the Brigadiers website for more information

Follow @brigadiersldn on Twitter

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