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The Week in Colour 12.10.20

The Last Bohemians | Black, British and Funny | Sissinghurst Castle | As Good as it Gets | Emilia's Crafted Pasta...

Back with a bang, and loaded with bright ideas for things to see and do this week, our fresh instalment of The Week in Colour brings you an unmissable documentary about black British comedy, a podcast on the most eccentric bohemian women around, a stunning autumnal day trip to Kent and Romesh's second, yes second, memoir (he's still only 42 years-old).

Painter and erotic novelist Molly Parkin is just one of the colourful and eccentric iconic, bohemian women to be interviewed on The Last Bohemian podcast series

LISTEN to The Last Bohemians. Podcasts have been doing pretty well during the global pandemic. But a greater selection inevitably means more time wasted trying to decide on what to listen to next. Well, the search is now over - The Last Bohemians gets a massive thumbs up from us. Hosted by journalist Kate Hutchinson, this brilliantly-conceived and put together audio series delves into the lives (well-lived) and times of some of the most iconic and eccentric “female firebrands” and “controversial outsiders” in arts and culture. Shocking in places, hilarious in others, but always deeply absorbing, each episode intimately explores the stories of a different creative woman who has actively courted controversy, lived life to the full, dared to be different and rarely played by the rules. Highlights include countess Amanda Fielding heralding the medical benefits of LSD; Maxine Sanders discussing the persecution she has faced as Britain’s most controversial witch; Soul survivor P.P. Arnold on what it was like touring with Tina and Ike; and painter and erotic novelist Molly Parkin (pictured) recollecting her first kiss with Louis Armstrong. What’s more, household names like Bonnie Greer, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Judy Collins get their moment in the sun. Two series in, and with plenty more hopefully in the pipeline, The Last Bohemians is pure escapism and a great example of just how powerful and spellbinding podcasts can be.

Download or stream The Last Bohemians podcast via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and others. For more information,visit and follow @thelastbohospod on Twitter.

Comedian Mo Gilligan presents Black, British and Funny, a new Channel 4 documentary out this week

WATCH Black, British and Funny, an hour-long documentary on Channel 4 this Thursday, which celebrates and charts the little-known history of the booming black comedy circuit in the UK. Presented by Mo Gilligan, who got his first big break on the black stand up scene and became one of the few black British comedians to gain mainstream success with The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan and as a co-host on The Big Narstie Show, the documentary is inspired by his personal journey so far and explores why so many talented comedians struggle to cross over into the mainstream and instead remain unheard and underrepresented. From the pioneering icons of the late 80's all the way through to a new generation of today’s young black comedians using the power of social media to make a stand, this eye-opening documentary commissioned by Channel 4 for Black History Month, is a nod to the rich history of the black comedy circuit, giving some welcome recognition to more than just the handful of black comedians we know of today.

Black, British and Funny airs on Channel 4 on Thursday 15 October at 10pm. Follow @MotheComedian for updates.

Sissinghurst Castle in Kent is the perfect autumnal day trip retreat

VISIT Sissinghurst Castle in Kent. In need of some natural colour therapy this week? If so, get ready to embrace the rich warmth of autumnal tones at this world famous garden and rural beauty spot. Transformed by passionate gardener and literary pioneer Vita Sackville West in the 1930s, Sissinghurst Castle is a magical spot to enjoy seasonal shades with stunning gardens, orchards and lakes. With Vita’s iconic ‘Writing Tower’ looming overhead, you can explore the garden that still expresses so much of her character. With each turn in the path revealing a glorious new riot of colour, it’s a truly enchanting place to explore nature, history and the uplifting power of gardens.

@sissinghurstNT @nationaltrust on Twitter for updates.

READ the second memoir from funny man Romesh Ranganathan, As Good As it Gets: Life Lessons From A Reluctant Adult. From his first memoir Straight Outta Crawley as an average human being to a now reluctant adult in As Good As it Gets , Romesh charts his hilarious account of a middle-aged man adulting in the modern world, or at-least trying to. Loaded with his own personal failings that are guaranteed to make you feel better about your own life, the book pokes fun at the uncomfortable truths of daily life and the challenges of growing up. In this next chapter of his life where he reluctantly accepts adulthood, Romesh asks some profound life-changing questions about his capabilities. From friends and family to popular culture and politics, he puts on his big boy pants to ask: “Could I save my family in a crisis? Do I possess the skills to assemble flatpack furniture? Am I too old for streetwear? Is it alright to parent my kids through the medium of Fortnite? Is celibacy the secret to a passionate marriage?” Raw, real, and reliably funny, As Good As it Gets is the perfect pick-me-up to get stuck into when it releases this Thursday.

As Good As It Gets by Romesh Ranganathan (Transworld Publishers Ltd, £20) is out on 15 October. Follow @RomeshRanga and @transworldbooks on Twitter for updates.

DINE at Emilia’s Crafted Pasta and eat pasta to help out! Freshly made every morning, with the utmost respect for traditional methods, Emilia’s is a true pasta-lover's paradise, especially this October with 50 per cent off pasta dishes on Monday and Tuesdays. The cosy, friendly and authentic restaurants at Aldgate and St. Katharine Docks have extended the government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out scheme’ until the end of this month and offer up expert pairings of pasta shapes and the right sauces. At the Aldgate branch there is even a chance to see the experts at work, with 360-degree views of the open kitchen where handcrafted pasta is created and cooked. This is affordable, delicious comfort food at its freshest and most authentic – and as the nights draw in, what better way to eat, drink, be merry and become a pasta connoisseur.

For more information, visit  and follow @emiliaspasta on Twitter.

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