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The Week in Colour 22.07.19

The Moon Exhibition | I Am... | Kurupt FM Podcast | Me, Me, Me? | Baozilnn...

From the lunar landings to new Brentford-based ventures, an exploration of the beloved British community to North Chinese street food, our top picks for things to visit, watch, read, listen to and eat has it all this week.

An astronaut ventures to the moon as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lunar landings at the new Moon Exhibition

VISIT The Moon Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The UK’s biggest exhibition dedicated to the moon is an exploration of its wonders, past and present, fifty years since Neil Armstrong took one giant leap for mankind. Showing over 180 artefacts, artworks and installations which either anticipated, responded to or depicted the space age, this intriguing exhibition tells the cultural and scientific story of our relationship with the moon, what we’ve learnt from it and what it means to us today. From the earliest drawings made from a telescope by Thomas Harriott, to lunar samples collected from NASA’s Apollo missions, a ‘snoopy cap’ communications carrier worn by astronaut Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin to a 300 inch map by Hugh Percey and a collection of artworks from a range of artists, there is plenty to discover. The exhibition is now open until until January 2020 – you’d be a lunartic to miss it!

For more information, visit and follow @NMMGreenwich for updates.

Famous actresses star in Channel 4's latest drama I Am...

WATCH I Am… Channel 4’s new hard-hitting drama series, which follows the emotionally raw standalone stories of three different women. Co-written by the award-winning female leads of each episode; Vicky McClure (Line of Duty), Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians) and Samantha Morton (Walking Dead), their individual storylines are part inspired by their own autobiographical experiences or women they know. The first in the three-part series, I am Nicola, airs this Tuesday, and sees Vicky McClure starring opposite Perry Fitzpatrick (This is England ’90) in a dysfunctional and coercive relationship. The second episode, I am Kirsty, is played by Samantha Morton and centres on the story of a woman who is trying to keep her family functioning in the face of austerity. The final episode I am Hannah played by Gemma Chan, is about a single professional in her 30s trying to live up to societal expectations. Powerful performances packed with thought-provoking themes, this eye-opening series directed by BAFTA winning director and writer Dominic Savage gets a thumbs up from us for tackling some pretty real, relevant and raw themes. Roll on Tuesday!

I am Nicola airs Tuesday 23 July on Channel 4.

The People Just Do Nothing crew are back with the new launch of the Kurupt FM podcast

LISTEN to the Kurupt FM Podcast. No sooner than fans could mourn the tragic closure of everybody’s favourite pirate radio station, Kurupt FM and the People Just Do Nothing crew has risen from the ashes in the shape of a brand new (and hilarious) podcast. Announcing the launch of the Kurupt FM Podcast, Allan Mustafa (aka MC Grindah) boldly claimed “This is what you’ve all been waiting for, a podcast that’s actually good, not just one that weird freaks in suits listen to on the train”, while Asim Chaudhry (aka Chabuddy G) added “I recorded most of the podcast in my boxers mate!”. Expect special guests and laughs aplenty as the ‘Brentford Massive’ regroup to record six episodes of comedy gold, tackling important topics such as technology (like decks and robots and that), relationships (how to chirpse basically) and survival (not only in the streets, but in a park, for example).

The Kurupt FM Podcast is out now on Follow mandem on Twitter for updates @KuruptFM.

Me, Me, Me? by Jon Lawrence is out now, published by Oxford University Press

READ Me, Me, Me? by Jon Lawrence. Doors left welcomingly open, excitable children kicking a ball down a cobbled street, neighbours coming round for a gossip accompanied by a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a cuppa – these are just some of the nostalgic images embedded deep in our collective psyche when we reminisce about the past. But how much do we actually know about communities in postwar England? And where do these romantic notions come from? In Me, Me, Me?, Professor Jon Lawrence, a leading academic in the fields of British social, cultural and political history, re-tells the story of England since WW2 through the eyes of ordinary people, exploring how attitudes towards our communities have evolved over the years, while challenging the pre-conceived and highly romanticised depictions of the communities of yesteryear, so frequently championed by politicians and journalists. Well-researched, engaging and highly informative, with real world examples from all over the country, this book is a must-read for anybody interested in learning about the complexities of British cultural heritage and society.

Me, Me, Me?: Individualism and the search for community in post-war England by Professor Jon Lawrence, is out now, published by Oxford University Press. Follow the author and publisher on Twitter via @JonHistorian and @OxUniPress.

Tasty treats on offer at the opening of Baozilnn's new restaurant in London Bridge

DINE at Baozilnn, a new three-floor restaurant in London Bridge, which opens for a soft launch on 27 July, offering 30 per cent off food until the official public opening on 1 August. Specialising in Northern Chinese street food, Borough’s new opening of Baozilnn which means ‘People’s Canteen,’ is an addition to the group’s well known branches in Soho and Market Hall in Victoria. It will feature a large open-plan kitchen, and cocktail bar and lounge, and will offer a selection of special Cantonese roast meats. New dishes include the chef’s special recipe barbecue roast duck, crispy roast pork belly and caramelised barbecue roast pork.  Best known for being the first London restaurant to offer all day Cantonese (and very colourful) dim sum, the new venue will continue this tradition as well as serving up the popular dan dan noodles and classic Hunan and Sichuan street-food favourites.

Baozilnn officially opens to the public on 1 August. Fore more information, visit and follow @baozilnn_london for updates on Twitter.

Follow us on Twitter @PRinColour.


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