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The Week in Colour 26.11.18

A Pirate's Life for Me | Gin Yin Yoga | Christmas at Kew | My Love Story | The Little Orchestra...

Shiver me timbers! This week our what's on guide explores a new pirate-themed exhibit, Kew Garden's stunning light trail, Tina Turner's compelling autobiography, a Christmas orchestra with a difference and a good measure of Gin Yin Yoga.

A Pirate's Life for me

SEE: A Pirate’s Life For Me. Ahoy there! Unfurl your jolly rogers and take to the seven seas with this brilliant, family-friendly adventure of an exhibition which sails through 300 years of our national love affair with pirates. From a carved wooden painted pirate ship from the 1920s to Lego’s iconic 1980s Black Seas Barracuda ship, toys and pirates have gone together like pegs and legs for a large part of the twentieth century but our obsession with pirates dates back even further and touches on all kinds of fascinating aspects of global maritime history. From real pirate coins to detailed toys that bring fantasy pirate world to life, the exhibition is a fun-filled voyage through history, nostalgia and tiny plastic swords. And since it’s free you can keep your precious pieces of eight safely in the treasure trove.

A Pirate’s Life For Me runs until 22 April 2019 at The V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green. For more information visit:

and follow @MuseumChildhood on Twitter for updates.

Gin Yin Yoga

DO: Gin Yin Yoga. Next time you decide to hit the gin after a stressful day of work, try combining it with some Yin to transform yourself from a downward falling drunk to a downward facing dog. But what is yin, you may ask? Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga in which you hold positions for longer periods of time from 45 seconds to five minutes or more. This helps to target the usually stiff deep connective tissues between the muscles where we often store different emotions. And what helps even more to release these emotions? Gin! Used as early as the Middle Ages as a form of herbal medicine, Gin’s multiple health benefits derive from its main ingredient of Juniper Berries that are not only good for your bones and joints, but are powerful antioxidants that help fight infections. So whether you want to try the downward dog or you need a hair of the dog, we recommend checking out the 90 minute Gin Yin workshops from London-based yoga teacher Jamie Rylett. The next event is at MoreYoga Camden on Sunday. Tickets cost £20 and include a measure of Half Hitch Gin, a mini tour and gin tasting at Half Hitch distillery, and a Gin and Tonic at Lockside, Camden. Sounds like an amaZEN deal to us so don’t be surprised if it's sold out.  

Follow @JamieRylettYoga on instagram, and visit to find out about future events.

Christmas at Kew

VISIT: Christmas at Kew. For many Londoners, Christmas is about braving the Oxford Street crowds, getting an extortionate tree, losing at Charades to Aunt Dorris, eating their own body weight in turkey and finally passing out in-front of the Queen’s speech. But for those seeking an alternative, perhaps more magical festive experience, Christmas at Kew has become something of an institution. When darkness falls across Kew Gardens, prepare to be dazzled by a spectacular light show trail whisking you through glistening arches and beautiful glowing tree canopies. Now in its sixth year, and with tickets selling like hot chestnuts, Kew have gone all out this time around. Featuring over a million twinkling pea-lights and thousands of laser beams, new editions to the trail include the Laser Garden and Moonlit Woods, and be sure not to miss the stunning waterside reflections on the lake.

Christmas at Kew runs until 5 January 2019. For more information visit

and follow @KewGardens on Twitter for updates.

My Love Story

READ: My Love Story by Tina Turner. "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans," so Tina Turner sums up her feelings at finally finding the love of her life and marrying him aged 73, only to be hit by a life-threatening stroke three months later. She describes the feeling of lightning bolts striking her head and right leg and recounts being drained of strength and vitality as she faced the possibility of death, while poised at the beginning of a new and hopeful point in her life. Yet Rock’s ultimate survivor wasn’t going to be taken out quite so easily. Her famous resilience and determination, which saw her survive her abusive first marriage, sell 200 million records, win 11 Grammy Awards was - this time - combined with an act of love and kindness from her husband, who donated his kidney to save her life. Awww. This moving and exhilarating read will almost certainly be rocking a few stockings this Christmas.

My Love Story by Tina Turner is published by Century and is out now in hardback at £10.

LISTEN: to The Little Orchestra. Want to try something new this Christmas? Well, why not listen live to the magical sounds of The Little Orchestra, who join forces with a choir to bring you the musical score the Christmas classic, Handel’s sacred oratorio Messiah (part I). Transforming Bayswater’s Porchester Hall with a modern set design, stunning lighting, fantastic acoustics and cosy seating, the event on 7 and 8 December, is designed to give classical music a casual twist. Hosted by a group of young talented musicians, Little Orchestra is all about ditching the formalities of a traditional concert in favour of a night out where you can appreciate classical music in a fun, intimate, social and relaxed environment. After the performance, you can continue having a merry good time at the after-party where you can mingle with the musicians and treat yourself to some festive snacks and drink.  

Tickets start at £25 per per person. For more information visit, and follow them on twitter @thelittleorch for updates.

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