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The Week in Colour 29.07.19

Manga | The Brilliant Sound Experience | Tree | On Chapel Sands | Happy Bird...

Manga for the masses, a quite brilliant exploration of sound and Idris Elba's new stage production, Tree, are among our highlights in this week's edition of The Week in Colour.

Manga at the British Museum is the biggest exhibition of Manga shown outside of Japan

VISIT Manga at the British Museum. The biggest exhibition of Manga to be shown outside of Japan, this summer the British Museum is hosting a riveting and brilliant exploration of the Japanese comic-book sensation and its amazing impact around the world. An immersive form of storytelling through pictures, these distinctive line drawings embody ‘pictures unbound’ and the striking style has inspired a multi-billion pound industry with obsessive fans of all ages across the globe. First emerging into widespread popularity in the 1920s, Manga cartoons were serialised in Japanese newspapers and magazines and have now exploded into popular culture finding expression across animation, gaming, graphic design and ‘cosplay’ dressing up. Often narrating gripping and epic adventures, Manga allows the pictures to do the talking and this fun and fascinating exhibition shows why this unique art form has taken the world by storm.

Manga at the British Museum runs until August 26th. For visiting information go to:

and follow @britishmuseum on Twitter.

The Brilliant Sound Experience at the Vinyl Factory in London will allow visitors to hear, feel and see sound like never before

LISTEN to some music and try out a demonstration of the new Google Assistant on Sonos at The Brilliant Sound Experience at Vinyl Factory in Soho from August 2-4. The three-day multi-sensory exploration of sound will allow listeners to ‘hear, feel and see music’, by inviting them to step inside a song and discover its inner workings. The two chosen songs are The National's Rylan and Slowthai’s Toaster, both of which will be animated with light to show how different components and layers come together. In another room, visitors can wear an EEG (electroencephalogram) headband which will monitor their brainwave patterns as they listen to the song so they can see their reactions to the music in real-time. There is also a sound lounge where you can grab a drink, listen to some tunes, and play around with Google Assistant on Sonos.

The Brilliant Sound Experience takes place 2-4 August. Advance tickets are sold out but they are still accepting walk-ins on the day. For more information or for updates follow @Sonos on Twitter.

Idris Elba's co-created production Three is now showing at the Young Vic

SEE Tree at the Young Vic. Co-created by Idris Elba, this exhilarating mixture of dance, drama and music with breathtaking set design and exuberant energy gets the audience on their feet dancing as well as engaging with politics and identity in South Africa. The story follows a young man of mixed race, mourning the death of his white mother and trying to find out more about his black father who he never knew. The personal and political merge as he learns more about the divisions, disappointments and contradictions running through South African history. With dancing ancestral ghosts and a high level of audience engagement, Tree explores the theme of the roots of identity while creating a vibrant and immersive spectacle that shakes up traditional boundaries between the stage and audience.

For tickets and more information go to and follow @youngvictheatre on Twitter.

On Chapel Sands is acclaimed author Laura Cumming's new memoir

READ On Chapel Sands by Laura Cumming. The new, critically-acclaimed memoir by Laura Cumming delves into the author’s family history and the mystery surrounding the abduction of her mother, who went missing as a little girl while playing on a Lincolnshire beach. A deeply moving, nostalgic and personal book, the author searches for the truth as she tries to piece together the past while also creating a beautiful portrait of a family and a vanished era in British history. Skilfully balancing a touching memoir and detective story, On Chapel Sands also draws from rich sources of literature, social history, art history, memory and the things every family leaves unsaid to create a powerful and moving tribute to time, tenderness and  family love.

On Chapel Sands is out now, published by Chatto & Windus at £16.99. Follow @ChattoBooks on Twitter for more info.

DINE at Happy Bird. From buttermilk fried chicken burgers, wraps and sandwiches and awesome sharing trays, Happy Bird brings together free-range, corn-fed Yorkshire chicken with the best-loved classics of gourmet fried food. With delicious home-made sauces (including Smokin’ Ghost ketchup) and mouth-watering ‘sweetcorn bombs’ drizzled in maple syrup sauce, there are some exciting twists amongst the best-loved traditions plus the reassurance of naturally sourced ingredients. Why not tuck into a Hell’s Chicken – a feast of fried chicken thigh, mac 'n' cheese bombs with Carolina reaper sauce and fried pickles, washed down with a Bow Bells Freakshake – a chocolatey dream with peanut butter swirls and popping candy!? Located at The Fine Line pub in Bow, there’s also a full bar menu if you fancy something stronger.

For the full menu go to  and follow @FineLineBow on Twitter.

Follow us on Twitter @PRinColour.


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