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The Week in Colour 16.09.19

Open House London | William Blake | Top Boy | Between Ourselves | Black Food Festival...

Open new doors to discover London's hidden treasures, check out the stunning new William Blake exhibition, binge on Netflix's revived Top Boy exclusive and treat yourself to the capital's darkest delights, in this week's fun-packed edition of The Week in Colour.

Norman Foster's London Assembly building is one of the many sites across the capital opening their doors to the public as part of Open House London

VISIT Open House London. Open House London is a brilliant annual event that opens up historic listed buildings and modern architectural masterpieces to invite Londoners inside some of the city’s greatest landmarks. With a rare chance to get up close and personal with some of London’s most fascinating buildings, this weekend grants access to sites that are usually off-bounds to the public. With a chance to browse by borough and filter for different styles and architectural periods through the website, visitors can explore the hidden architectural gems nearest to them. From Norman Foster’s London Assembly building with its dramatic spiral structure, to the marvellous Baroque revival building that now houses HM Treasury. Get ready to open new doors across town this weekend!

For more information go to and follow @openhouselondon on Twitter for live updates.

William Blake: The Artists opens this September at Tate Britain and runs until February 2020

SEE William Blake: The Artist at Tate Britain. This September, Tate Britain is bringing together the biggest exhibition of William’s Blake’s dramatic and distinctive artworks in 20 years, with over 300 original watercolours, paintings and prints. Considered to be mad and less than successful in his lifetime, Blake’s works are powerful mystical visions and fantastical poems that seem to melt into another world somewhere between heaven and hell. Opening with ‘Albion Rose’, an image that represents the founding of Britain, Blake’s subjects range across patriotism, politics, religion, the city of London and works that feel like disturbing and exhilarating hallucinations. Uplifting, weird and engrossing, Blake’s unique style offers a window into another world and this new exhibition brings his remarkable imagination to life in a new way.

William Blake: The Artist is at Tate Britain until 2nd February 2020. For more information about tickets go to and follow @Tate on Twitter.

Gritty gangland drama Top Boy returns to our screens with a new 10-part Netflix exclusive

WATCH Top Boy. It has been six long years since everybody’s favourite Hackney rogues, Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson), last graced our screens in the gritty gangland drama Top Boy. With season two left precariously on a knife edge, Channel 4 dropped the show in 2014, leaving fans distraught at the prospect of never seeing the Summerhouse Estate ever again. But, in a bizarre twist of events, Netflix, with a little help from rap sensation Drake, has revived the show and brought it back to the small screen with a bumper 10-episode third season. This latest series picks up in the exotic climes of Jamaica, where Dushane is in hiding, working a nine-to-five in his cousin’s car-rental shop. However, it’s not long before the irresistible pull of the underworld consumes him once again and we see him back on the mean streets of Hackney striving to reclaim his turf and Top Boy crown.

Top Boy is currently premiering as a standalone season exclusively on Netflix.

The new podcast Between Ourselves from Irish author Marian Keyes is out now on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds

LISTEN to Between Ourselves, a new comedy show from the much-loved Irish best-selling author Marian Keyes, now airing on BBC Radio 4 and as a podcast on BBC Sounds. The four-part series brings some of Marian’s best non-fiction works to life through a combination of gripping experiences, imaginative storytelling and good humour. Recorded in front of a live audience, the show features actor and writer Tara Flynn in conversation with Marian and each episode explores a different topic from Ireland and the Irish to family life. When paired together, the comedy duo deliver some big-belly laughs, easy listening and some damn good storytelling. If you’re a fan of Marian’s novels or are tickled by the new show, you’ll be pleased to know that her forthcoming book, Grown Ups, also about family life, is also on the way and is tipped for a February 2020 release. Between ourselves, it’s already at the top of our reading list!

Between Ourselves with Marian Keyes is on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesdays at 11.30am and is available as a podcast on BBC Sounds. Follow @mariankeyes on Twitter for updates.

The Black Food Festival, a celebration of black food, comes to London on 22 September at the Oval Space

DINE at the Black Food Festival, a celebration of food that is black, comes to London as part of its global tour this Sunday 22 September at The Oval Space. Originating in Hungary, and founded by food blogger Regina Bosos from Budapest, this festival is not for the light-hearted. Adventurous eaters and culinary experts, prepare to have your mind blown by some dark and delicious delicacies from black tacos and black pasta, to black beer, black cocktails, black burgers, and even black wine (just don’t black out)! And you can forget artificial food colouring, this is the real deal inviting you to explore foods that have been using natural black ingredients for years – coffee, chocolate, black berries and balsamic vinegar, to name a few. And if that’s not enough, they really are going all black everything, with gothic womenswear, a spiritual advisor, and a silhouette artist also bringing sexy black!

The Black Food Festival takes place at Sunday 22 September at The Oval Space. For more information, visit Follow the #blackfoodfestival hashtag on Twitter.

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