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Shortlisted photos for the Northern Photography Prize revealed


The top entries for the Northern Photography Prize were revealed today, following hundreds of submissions from amateur photographers who were invited to capture the spirit and heart of the North East of England through its people and places.

The prize, founded and sponsored by bestselling author LJ Ross last year through her publishing imprint, Dark Skies Publishing, invited entries from amateur photographers across two categories; landscape (Spirit of the North East) and portrait (Heart of the North East), with a £1,000 cash prize for the two winners, and the platform to develop their passion for photography.

The shortlist features powerful and emotive street photography of a lively local busker and an optimistic homeless man on the city streets, and awe-inspiring natural images of rainbows and stunning sunrises along the coast.

Local residents and regular visitors including students, hobbyists and retired entrants are among the shortlisted photographers, selected by LJ Ross and fellow judges, including the award-winning photographer David Taylor, editor of Living North magazine Janet Blair, and marketing expert Sam Missingham.

Winners will be revealed on 30 September 2021.

Full shortlist

Landscape Shortlist – ‘Spirit of the North East’

Michelle Williams, New Hartley - The North East Coast is our Very Own Pot of Gold

“As I drove along the coast, directly in front of me, one of the widest rainbows I’ve ever seen appeared before my eyes and I instantly knew this was something special.”

Kerry Adams, Doncaster, South Yorkshire – OverlookingCowbarand Boulby Cliffs

“I took this photograph on my first trip to this picturesque stretch along the North East coast… all of a sudden, the sun broke through and lit the quaint cottages and landscape up beautifully”

Ian Bell, North Northumberland - Pure Gold

“I took this picture at the southern end of Alnmouth beach. I wanted to shoot this location as I had seen an image shot here during a storm but thought it would make a good sunrise location”

David Minihane, Cork, Ireland - A Snow Angel of the North

“A unique viewpoint of this iconic landmark of the North East of England taken on a cold wintry January morning”

Chris Moors and Cristina Babures, Whitley Bay - The Bathing House

“Myself and my partner were hopping along the coast in search of an interesting sunset. The long exposure of the tide lapping over the rocks made for a mood, other-wordly image.

Portrait Shortlist, ‘Heart of the North East’

David Coser, Hartlepool - Disciple

“I wanted to capture the character of a homeless man called Carl… I called the image “Disciple” because of his relationship to God but also the fact that his hood looks like a crown of thorns”

Lynsey McEwen, North Tyneside - Couple walk amongst the daffodils and cherry blossom at The Alnwick Garden

“Seeing this elegant older couple holding hands and admiring the new Spring growth of daffodils and cherry blossom seemed such a hopeful and optimistic image.”

Cameron Pearce, Alnwick, Northumberland - Music in Northumberland Street: “This local busker was passionately performing amazing music, but sadly not many people noticed him… he was not performing for the people or the money but for himself.”